If you want your makeup to look its ABSOLUTE best on your wedding day and long after you say ‘I do’, then we need to get you looking after the biggest organ on your body - Your SKIN! 

Makeup can be totally magical, colour correcting and concealing things like rosacea, pigmentation and  blemishes, HOWEVER it cannot hide texture and may even accentuate it. Whilst I like to think of myself as an avid skin, health and wellness geek, I can only give you the basics, i'm not, and dont claim to be an expert in these areas!  However, in my little black book I nearly always have someone we can call on!

Marie Reynolds @mariereynolds_mrl  a skin, health and wellness expert is someone I would HIGHLY recommend you seeing. In fact, EVERYONE should go and see Marie, her treatments are incredible and her knowledge blows my mind. I rave about Marie to everyone that will listen, I’m a total fan girl lol. 

Marie explains that skin conditions can act as a barometer of what is actually going on INSIDE the body and this why topically applying lotions and potions wont always cut it! Yes I know, we all want quick easy fixes, but with most things in life we have to commit our time, dedication and money!

For my 40th, I didnt ask for the generic stuff,  I wanted  Colonic Hydrotherapy and  thats exactly what I had (poo is not a subject that im embarrassed talking about and neither is Marie - ‘its all about how you chew to how poo” as she will say)  The same day I also had  Maries famous facial Masterlift Plus. 

I feel like I have learnt so much from Marie and am super excited that she has a podcast coming out next year called Good Vibes Only.

As a makeup artist, I can possibly mask your skin concerns, BUT I’d rather sign post you to the experts that can potentially help you get to the root cause…not everything can be cured, however there  may be things that can improve or not exacerbate things further. I want you to feel SUPER confident in your skin, not just on your wedding day but everyday.

Skincare can feel totally confusing hey, trying to understand which product would be best for your skin and which to spend your hard earned cash on? Marie doesn't believe in skin 'types' and as a result, her skincare range is FOR EVERYONE and is the range that I mainly use and LOVE.  

If you would like more help with a skincare routine check out Maries website

Dont struggle in silence, please reach out if you need help with this!

Sian x