When a career in Printed Textiles for Fashion and Interiors had fallen by the wayside, life took me on an unexpected detour; from an unplanned 9-5 in Social Housing to Makeup Artist on ‘Britain's Next Top Model’. 


So…rewinding to somewhere in the middle, having just been made redundant from my social housing job, I was ready for a rethink. Redundancy can be an anxious time, but was instead the catalyst to finally getting me back on my creative path, allowing me to re-train as a Makeup Artist; London bound to start the next exciting chapter. Little did I know what the universe had in mind…


Under expert tuition at the House of Glam Dolls, London, I reconnected with my love for creativity through makeup. I’d only been training a matter of months when I attended a makeup casting and was selected to be part of the makeup team, for the reality TV show 'Britain's Next Top Model', 2017; A dream come true for any budding makeup artist. 


This was such a cool gig to have under my belt and the experience really helped me to take my skills to the next level. During my time on the show, I got to meet some fantastic people within the industry and worked with some awesome models. One thing I learned was that no matter the level, we all have our own insecurities. I also assisted working with Head Judge Abbey Clancy and guest judge Kimberley Walsh, (whom were both were lovely by the way!)


This opened up some wonderful opportunities and I have since gone on to assist some of the best artists in the makeup world, which has been both amazing and something I am truly proud, and grateful for.


However, I always wanted my own business and from an early age I knew I was destined to do something that was creative and that helped people. With this in mind, the natural step for me was to use my skillset to have a positive effect on peoples lives. Sian Harries Brides was born.



If you're anything like how I was, your wedding day feels like it needs to be somewhere between amazing and perfect, ha no pressure then! (P.S we all know there is no such thing as perfect ;-)... I've been there and conquered and proud to say my wedding was featured in Perfect Wedding Magazine and Love My Dress Wedding Blog

From my own experience when getting married (albeit now divorced!) everything felt too girly, glam and princess like. I’ve always loved anything super model related. Kate Moss always appealed to me because of her effortless style- textured hair, undone makeup. But lets face it, the world and the people in it are not all the same and thats what makes it truly magical. 

I wanted a place where everyone felt welcome no matter of their sexual orientation, skin colour, whether they’ve been divorced, age, dress size, neurodiversity etc.


How could I make everyone feel like the Supermodel they are, in a space that made them feel safe, accepted and un-judged. All whilst having fun 🙂  I want to educate,  inspire and be your biggest cheerleader. 


I know that the wedding isnt about me, but I genuinely love the feeling I get when I see my clients beam on their big day. I am an Artist with big dreams and an even bigger desire to help women/ individuals look and feel their best always. 

Anyway, away from all of this, I guess you could say I'm a tea-holic, Mumma to fur baby Mabel. Loves naughty treats and skincare, tees and jeans, Kate Moss, ​and the colour ​black! 


I feel that I have finally got my ‘happy ever after’... partner Ben and I, live in a barn conversion just on the outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk; which we are in the process of renovating into a beautiful home and of course a makeup studio for my brides. This has been a lifetime dream of mine. This brings many other passions under one roof; interior design, photography, health and wellness, cooking and last but not least... family and friends, they mean the world. x