I’m Sian - Makeup Artist for the unconventional Bride

Hey, If you're all about 'au naturel', Parisian inspired looks (effortless, chic and cool!), have a love for minimalistic style and you want a kind, understanding, and friendly service you're in the right place!...


I’m Sian - Makeup Artist for the unconventional Brides throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

My mission is to ensure that together we will unleash your inner supermodel to get you ‘cat-walk’ ready (aka the aisle!) for the next chapter of your life. We want to invigorate your confidence, ready to walk down that aisle looking amazing and feeling phenomenal!

My style is the natural look. By this, I’m talking about keeping things minimalistic.


A less but more approach to makeup. I want to enhance your true beauty and allow it to shine through. I dont believe in using thick foundation, covering up that individuality we all have. 

This is a safe space where being ‘you’ is at the centre of everything, I am here to support you every step of the way. I fully understand that we all have our own anxieties about the big day. I will provide a super caring and nurturing service so that together we will curate the perfect makeup look to suit your features; using the best makeup brands and high quality skincare. I like to describe my approach as makeup meets wellness. I want you to be the true you, but your most elevated version!

Stop comparing yourself to the bridal mags

and generic images you see on social media and lets start embracing you- because you are a whole lot of amazing!